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Prepare for Temptation

A plan for biblical response to temptation might include the following items:

  • 1. Recognize and acknowledge in the earliest stages of temptation that you are being tempted;
  • 2. Quickly ask God for His help to resist;
  • 3. If possible, remove yourself immediately from the source of temptation;
  • 4. Identify the unbilical desire that would be served by yielding to the temptation;
  • 5. Quote and meditate on appropriate Scripture;
  • 6. Remind yourself of God‘s presence, power, and promises;
  • 7. Reflect on the purpose of Christ’s death;
  • 8. Mentally and verbally make a commitment to do the godly thing;
  • 9. Get busy with a mind engaging, godly activity;
  • 10. Call a godly friend and ask for help;
  • 11. Repeat key aspects of this temptation plan until the power of the temptation is reduced.

~ How to Counsel Biblically, John MacAuthur and the Master’s College Faculty, p. 195