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Biblical Strategies for Handling Lapses

*A recovery plan could include the following steps: *

  1. - Call unbiblical desires, thoughts, feelings and actions what God does-sin
  2. - Take full responsibility for the sin;
  3. - Confess the sin, both to God and to any others who were hurt;
  4. - Ask God for help and not doing it again;
  5. - Remind yourself what Christ has done and is doing for you
  6. - Reflect on the resources available to believers in Christ;
  7. - Meditate on God‘s promises of forgiveness and deliverance from the power of sin;
  8. - Accurately evaluate the changes that have already occurred in the progress that has been made;
  9. - Learn from failure by briefly examining what you did that you should not have done and what you did not do that you should have done;
  10. - Make restitution where necessary;
  11. - Purpose to put the past behind you in a biblical way and to resume your efforts to change in a godly manner.

~ How to Counsel Biblically, John MacAuthur and The Master’s College Faculty, p. 196