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A Biblical Response to Believers in Greek Organizations & Secret Societies

March 10th, 2022

We’re continuing with Season 2, Culture Wars - Bringing Truth to a Wayward World and Church, where we’re discussing prevalent topics in our culture today and how to view them through a Biblical lens.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Brandon Taylor, Founder of Love At Home Ministries, as he shares his story of how he came to faith in Christ, his heart regarding the extent of his past involvement in a Greek Letter Organization, the moment of realization when Brandon felt as though he no longer wanted to be involved, and what that process was like trying to step away.

While sharing his story Brandon also provides a biblical basis for why believers should not be a part of Greek Letter Organizations, Masons, Eastern Stars, “Christian” Greek Letter Organizations, or Secret Societies.

Pray you are encouraged, admonished, and most of all, for God to be glorified!!

Show Notes

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