Live Truth Podcast

Church, Government & Persecution

December 2nd, 2021

Erin Coates, “a slave to Christ” and wife of Pastor James Coates who was jailed earlier this year, shares their experience and consequences for continuing to keep the doors of the church open for individuals to be able to continue to worship together in order to obey God and in respect to the conscience of others. We also discuss the role of the Government and when it is ok for for believers not to comply. Our individual rights and the rights of the church have and are being infringed upon. I encourage you to listen to Pastor Coates’s sermon on Romans 13:1-4 “Directing Government to it’s Duty” that he preached prior to being imprisoned. The link is below in the show notes.

Last but not least, Erin shares her testimony of how she came to faith in Christ and the Glorious Good News of the Gospel!

Show Notes:

Pastor Jame Coates Sermon:

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